Message from Vicar
The Message from the Parish Priest- Fr. George Muttamthottil
My dear friends,
Little stones make big mountains, little steps can cover miles and little acts of loving kindness give the world its biggest smiles. Little words can soothe big troubles, little hugs can dry big tears, little candle light the darkness and little memories last for years. Little dreams can lead to greatness, little victories to success and it is the little things in life that bring the greatest happiness. One song can spark a moment, one flower can wake the dream, one tree can start a forest, and one bird can herald spring. One smile begins a friendship, one handsclap lifts a soul, one candle wipes out darkness, and one laugh will conquer gloom.

Yes dear friends, one life can make the difference and it is up to you. Let us begin our small step with the Lord by doing little things for others and he will make everything successful in our life.

May God bless you all.

With love and prayers
Parish Priest
Sacred Heart Church

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